Into the “The fresh new Spies Exactly who Adored Myself” and you can “Friended!

Into the “The fresh new Spies Exactly who Adored Myself” and you can “Friended!

Inside “Town Slickers”, he and you may Lori pay a visit to the newest Casagrandes’ bodega and you may gets Ronnie Anne a yellow Regal Woods sweatshirt. As they spend time together with her family members Nikki, Sameer and you will Casey, Ronnie Anne constantly tries to prevent Lincoln from discussing things on her are out of Regal Woods, in the course of time best the 2 for a disagreement in which he determines to help you finish off and you will return home. Realizing the woman mistake, Ronnie Anne catches doing Lincoln and you can acknowledges she consider the woman family want to go out along with her once they noticed she try an area kid. He then says to their if he is the woman relatives, they will certainly undertake this lady to have whom this woman is instead of in which this woman is of. Once describing in which this woman is most out of to help you her loved ones, as it happens which they usually do not care and attention one to she is regarding Regal Woods whilst still being undertake this lady because their friend.

Into the “Don’t you Fore-get around Myself”, she and you may Lincoln made good skating clips as others was busy when you look at the exploring Fairway University.

Inside “New Horror-Scope”, just after taking an anticipate because of the Ernesto Estrella one to she’s going to discover like, Lincoln phone calls to share with the woman that he is upcoming for the next visit. As they spend time, Ronnie Anne begins to think Lincoln is exhibiting signs and symptoms of passion toward the girl and you may requires Sid to mark as well as him or her due to the fact the lady wingman and you may kill the vibe, however, she departs them after recognizing new bird she are google search. Their worry increases while the they’re with pizza pie with her and you can Lincoln transform on good tuxedo and will leave. To arrive back again to the apartment, the woman anxiety has reached a life threatening height when Lincoln all of a sudden presents a beneficial wedding band using one leg, however it turns out that Lincoln is preparing themselves getting a miraculous key connected with interlocking marriage rings. It revelation throws Ronnie blk profile Anne completely regarding, however, alleviated they are still just family, for the moment.

In the “An enthusiastic Udder Mess”, Ronnie Anne just obtained several Dairyland passes, however, must choose between their one or two close friends, Sid and you can Lincoln. Ronnie Anne does not want to decide anywhere between Sid and you can Lincoln, very she gives them the brand new entry and you may sneaks from inside the due to the fact Tippy the latest Cow. When Sid and Lincoln learn you to Ronnie Anne is actually the fresh cow costume, going to feel fired away from a canon, they conserve her. When Ronnie Anne arrives brush so you can, Sid guarantees Ronnie Anne you to she and Lincoln might have knew if she picked included in this.

In the “Livin’ La Casa Noisy!”, Lincoln and you may Ronnie Anne gamble regarding Casagrande Market while in the an effective rainstorm and you can prank Lori and you will Bobby through the a visit to this new zoo.

In the “The situation of the Taken Drawers”, they’re going to help you a conference at the later years home, including Rosa, Sergio, and you will Clyde.


During the “Linc otherwise Swimming”, Linc will get upset within Bobby for using their pond and you may angrily kicks him with his sisters away.

In “Conserve the new Date”, Bobby will get upset during the Linc in making their aunt scream, however, just after whenever Lincoln kisses Ronnie Anne, Bobby forgives him, and he and you may Lori kiss and also straight back together once more.

Lincoln try buddies having Bobby, as found on occurrence “A reasonable to remember”, immediately after Lori tells Bobby to hang having Lincoln in lieu of the lady. At the end of a single day, Lincoln and you will Bobby turned into relatives. They appear to esteem both since the “bros”, each other enjoying another as the sis they never ever had.


Essentially, Lincoln will get along well to the Casagrande friends and describes him or her as he and originates from a huge family. He seemed to have really enjoyed exactly what almost no time he invested with these people, even when he was ashamed of the her or him referring to your since the Ronnie Anne’s boyfriend. If you are each other Lori is looking to convince Bobby to depart, Lincoln invested their date spending time with new Casagrandes, having fun with CJ and you will permitting Rosa Casagrande together preparing.

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